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Я прекрасно понимаю что читаете мой бложик исключительно ради развратных картинок и православных мотивов, но позвольте испортить вам настроение цитатами.

When no suitable index is available, MongoDB is forced to do without. There is a 32MB memory limit on the combined size of all documents in the sort operation and if MongoDB hits the limit, it will either produce an error or occasionally just return an empty set of records.

Unfortunately, BSON attaches significance to order when doing searches. The order of keys within embedded objects matters in MongoDB, i.e. { firstname: "Phil", surname: "factor" } does not match { surname: "factor", firstname: "Phil" }. This means that you have to preserve the order of name/value pairs in your documents if you want to be sure to find them.

While the built-in text type of MySQL and MariaDB can store binary data, mysqldump cannot properly export text fields containing binary data. This will cause creating and restoring of backups fail silently. A workaround is to serialize()/unserialize() and base64_encode()/base64_decode() PHP objects and store them into a text field manually.

2021.01.12 20:21