man nc

Ох, какой дух старой школы в мануле к netcat. Восторг.

       Netcat is entirely my own creation, although plenty of other code was used as examples.
       It  is  freely given away to the Internet community in the hope that it will be useful,
       with no restrictions except giving credit where it is due.   No  GPLs,  Berkeley  copy‐
       rights  or  any  of that nonsense.  The author assumes NO responsibility for how anyone
       uses it.  If netcat makes you rich somehow and  you're  feeling  generous,  mail  me  a
       check.   If  you  are affiliated in any way with Microsoft Network, get a life.  Always
       ski in control.  Comments, questions, and patches to

       Some port names in /etc/services contain hyphens -- netcat assumes dashes are only used
       for  ranges, so you have to escape the hyphens with backslashes (e.g. "netcat localhost
       'ftp\-data'") to use them.

       Efforts have been made to have netcat "do the right thing" in all  its  various  modes.
       If  you  believe  that it is doing the wrong thing under whatever circumstances, please
       notify me and tell me how you think it should behave.  If netcat is not able to do some
       task  you think up, minor tweaks to the code will probably fix that.  It provides a ba‐
       sic and easily-modified template for writing other network  applications,  and  I  cer‐
       tainly  encourage  people to make custom mods and send in any improvements they make to
       it. Continued feedback from the Internet community is always welcome!


       This manual page was written  by  Joey  Hess    and  Robert  Woodcock
       , cribbing heavily from Netcat's README file.

       Netcat was written by a guy we know as the Hobbit .


2021.10.30 19:41